For those that know me, I've lived in the Baystate all my life. Growing up for the most part was pretty decent. I've never really had any huge complaints about this state other than winter being unpredictable at times. Let's put it this way, us "Northerners" can handle winter more than anyone else can no offense to any of my south friends.

Before we get into reasons not to move to the Commonwealth, a 2022 study has found that one of the most popular states to move out of was Massachusetts while the state of Vermont just over the border saw an increase in percentage of migration. Which honestly does not surprise me at all in certain ways. Before we move forward, remember to have our station app downloaded wherever you go especially if you received a new mobile device for Christmas!

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Let's take a look at the 5 Reasons Not to Move to Massachusetts

5 Reasons Not to Move to Massachusetts ;)

Cons of living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that you should know if you plan on living here in the Baystate.

Other than that, as long as you're aware of these limitations, living in Massachusetts can be a whole dream come true! I mean what other state can you think of that has Mountains, Wilderness, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean Beaches, all crammed into one state? Sort of like if you vacation from Western Massachusetts, all the way to Cape Cod you're not even leaving your home state!

Ask yourself this, what do you like and dislike about living in the state of Massachusetts and what could be done differently that we're not currently doing? Hit us up on our station app! 

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