What's in a name? Not necessarily the best things, until now at least. These Massachusetts landmarks are among 650 nationwide that have underwent name changes recently. These name changes are due to the federal efforts from U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to follow through on removing the derogatory term 'squaw' from being used. In Massachusetts, there are five landmarks that recently had their name changed. One of those landmarks happens to be in the Berkshires.

The Algonquin word, 'squaw', means 'woman'. However, it has been used in an offensive manner as a racial and sexist slur, specifically aimed at Indigenous woman. While it is typically a very slow process to name specific geographical features, the declaration from Haaland, which deemed the term as derogatory, has expedited the process of renaming those fixtures and historical landmarks throughout the country.

An advisory committee is currently looking into other potential name changes for geographic features throughout the country that may have used different terms that may also have been deemed as being derogatory. It just so happens that the word 'squaw' was the most commonly used slur on landmarks throughout the country. You can check out a map of those that used the derogatory term at the link provided here.

So where are these landmarks that are in Massachusetts? Where can we find these new name changes and to what is the new name? And what is the landmark in the Berkshires that has been renamed? Let's have a look and see what all those Massachusetts landmarks are here...

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