It's obvious by now that we have a real tick problem in Berkshire County. Of course, the problem just isn't in the Berkshires but practically everywhere this year. Over the past month or so we have been posting photos and examples of Berkshire County residents coming across hoards of ticks throughout various Berkshire landmarks. In many cases, people are pulling ticks from their animals fur...sometimes on a regular basis. It's becoming both tiring and a nuisance (not to mention dangerous) for many Berkshire County residents.

If you missed a previous article about why the tick population is running rampant this year, you can read about it by going here.

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The photo shared here was posted on our Facebook page. These ticks are marching up and down on a garage entry way at a residential Berkshire home. We can only see five ticks in the photo but you have to wonder if there are more. It's one thing to deal with ticks when you're out in nature, but to have to deal with a tick explosion at your home is certainly no fun.

Berkshire County residents have been sharing their tick experiences with us.

Tick Horror Stories (as posted on Facebook) from Berkshire Country (and beyond) Residents
-Every day. On the dogs, in the house. Ughhhhh I’m so sick of tickssssss This was my garage entry way 😩😩 (this is the comment that coincides with the featured photo)

-I had 3 on me and I wasn't even in the grass

-My husband and I picked 20 ticks off our pup at one time just from a walk in shaker village in New York. Our vet prescribed bravecto and he hasn’t had a single one on him since and we’re always in the woods. Talk to your vet if your pup is being attacked by ticks. Lymes is very serious.

-Mine are also in bravecto. They still get ticks they just die quickly when they bite. It doesn’t keep them from getting on the dogs and bringing them inside. It’s so gross.

-You’re right I have found a few dead ones but it’s better than having 30 on them at one time sucking the life out of him lol. As long as we’re vigilant and check before bringing inside we’re good for the most part. Unfortunately there’s really nothing more we can do.

-When I was growing up in the '70s, '80s and '90s I've never heard of a tick or ever seen one. The last few years they are absolutely everywhere.

-Agree! I grew up in the woods and never had a tick on me until 2017. That one tick gave me lymes. Since having a dog I’ve noticed that ticks in this area are a horrendous issue.

-This is the worst year I’ve ever seen

-Yes. Out of control!

-Growing up I here never had one tick... we only ever heard about ticks being an issue out in the Cape Cod area and had to do nightly/daily tick checks on our class field trip for a whale watch. Now they are so out of control here, it is as if someone intentionally infested the area with them!!

-Maybe poor management ? I´m thinking didn´t we hire a person (I think the office is on Harris St.) to take care of the bugs in PIttsfield?

-In 26 years living in the same place, I have had 2 on me in the past 10 days. They are awful!

-Yes! Just finishing antibiotics from a tick bite. Negative for Lyme..🙏

-Yes they are, in Cheshire they are out of control. We even treat for them.

-Always was a lot of ticks! Seems more! Just never shown as much before! Thank you for now!

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