The Celtics will be playing with their hands figuratively tied behind their backs when they take on the Washington Wizards tonight at the TD Garden.  Reports earlier today say that Robert Williams has tested positive for COVID-19 and is asymptomatic.  He is in quarantine.  Two other Celtics Trisan Thompson and Grany Williams are also in quarantine.  They will complete the NBA’s health and safety protocols of a mandatory seven-day quarantine.

The three big men for the C’s will not be in uniform for tonight’s game against the Wizards.  The NBA has been very pro-active when dealing with the pandemic.  The league mandates quarantines for players going through COVID-19 contact tracing.  To prevent the spread oc COVID-19 all NBA teams were isolated and completed the 2020 short-season and playoffs from one Florida location known as ‘The Bubble.”

The Celtics have been off to a good start in the early 2021 season.  Going into tonight’s game they have a 6-3 record and currently are in 4th place in the Eastern Conference behind the 76ers, Magic and Pacers and only 1 game back for the top spot.

You can listen to the Celtics action all season on 1230AM WNAW in North Adams and 1420AM WBEC in the Pittsfield area.  Below is a list of upcoming Celtics and Bruins games.  The Bruins kick off their season on Thursday.


01/06 (WED) – CELTICS AT HEAT – 7:00 PM 

01/08 (FRI) – CELTICS VS. WIZARDS – 7:00 PM  

01/10 (SUN) – CELTICS VS. HEAT – 6:30 PM  

01/12 (TUE) – CELTICS AT BULLS – 7:30 PM  

01/13 (WED) – CELTICS VS. MAGIC – 7:00 PM  

01/14 (THU) – BRUINS AT DEVILS – 6:30 PM  

01/15 (FRI) – CELTICS VS. MAGIC – 7:00 PM  

01/16 (SAT) – BRUINS AT DEVILS – 12:30 PM 

01/17 (SUN) – CELTICS VS. KNICKS – 12:30 PM  

01/18 (MON) – BRUINS AT ISLANDERS – 4:30 PM  

01/20 (WED) – CELTICS AT 76ERS – 6:30 PM  

01/21 (THU) – BRUNS VS. FLYERS – 6:30 PM  

01/22 (FRI) – CELTICS AT 76ERS – 7:00 PM  

01/23 (SAT) – BRUNS VS. FLYERS – 6:30 PM  

01/24 (SUN) – CELTICS VS. CAV’S – 3:30 PM  

01/25 (MON) – CELTICS AT BULLS – 7:30 PM  

01/26 (TUE) – BRUINS VS. PENGUINS – 6:30 PM  

01/27 (WED) – CELTICS AT SPURS – 8:00 PM  

01/28 (THU) – BRUINS VS. PENGUINS – 6:30 PM 

01/30 (SAT) – BRUINS AT CAPITALS – 6:30 PM  

02/01 (MON) – BRUINS AT CAPITALS – 6:30 PM 

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