iBerkshires.com reports the North Adams Historical Society will once again honor the 1746 Siege of Fort Massachusetts on Sunday, Aug. 19. The ceremony, which will take place in Western Gateway Heritage State Park at 2 p.m., marks the 272nd anniversary of the event.

The commemoration also marks the 271st anniversary of the rebuilding of Fort Massachusetts. Wendy Champney and her group Save Fort Massachusetts Memorial have fought long and hard to preserve the land that the original fort stood upon, and in past years have stressed the importance of celebrating and preserving these historic events and landmarks.

The ceremony will remember August 19-20, 1746, when about 1,000 French and Indian soldiers took over the fort, which lies in what is now North Adams. While Fort Massachusetts was abandoned after the French and Indian War, the local historical society began to search for funds in 1895 for a memorial site, which was completed and dedicated in 1933 for the Fort Massachusetts chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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