A state grant for $250,000 has added the final component of financing for the project to build a new police headquarters on Simonds Road in Williamstown.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the recipients of the 2018 Housing Choice Capital Grant Program were announced Friday.

Included in the list was Williamstown for a grant of $250,000 to fund the purchase and installation of dispatch and communications equipment.

The purchase will include antenna systems at the new site and relay improvements back to additional controls that will remain at Town Hall.

The announcement also included recipients of the 2018 Housing Choice Small Town Grant Program, which included Clarksburg, Egremont and Great Barrington.

Town Manager Jason Hoch said the grant was the final piece of the project's funding puzzle.

Part of the grant requirement is that the recipient provides matching funds to the cost, which comes to the $30,000 difference between the grant amount and the actual cost.

The estimated cost of the new Williamstown Police headquarters construction is $5 million.

The grant was part of nearly $5 million in awards to 31 communities under the Housing Choice Initiative — an effort to support the creation of 135,000 new housing units by 2025 to meet the housing needs of Massachusetts families.

The Baker administration awarded $4 million to 19 communities through the Housing Choice Capital Grant Program, and nearly $1 million to 12 communities through the Housing Choice Small Town Grant Program.

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