Berkshire County, and many areas for that matter, has become the 'Summer of Bear.' We have seen and shared a plethora of bear related videos that Berkshire County residents have posted and shared in local Facebook groups. Most of the time, the videos show bears roaming around or walking across a road. However, in some cases, you'll see a group of bears (usually a mama with one or two cubs) make their way to a porch or deck. So far, we haven't seen any videos of bears actually getting into a home. Thank goodness.

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The latest pair of videos feature a couple of adorable cubs roaming around, pulling tree branches down and having a playful time. In one of the videos, a mama and one of the cubs are making their way across the road while the other cub is delayed in catching up due to being preoccupied with curiosity and exploration. These videos are fun, adorable and entertaining. The videos were shared in The Berkshires Facebook Group and you can view them below along with some comments from group members.


Some of the Facebook Group Comments

-They look so cute and cudley!

-Lucky you. Wonderful critters in your backyard.

-They are fun to watch.

-Little ones !!! So cute .. Great share. Thank u !!

-Delightful sight.

-I’ll bet mama gave that little one a warning!

-awwwwwwwww babies

-Wait for me!!

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