I was born and raised in the Berkshires and have lived in Peru, North Adams, Cheshire, Lee and Pittsfield. Throughout my 38 years in the Berkshires I tend to hear the same myths or misconceptions about our county from non-natives and long time residents alike. I suppose I understand the misconceptions from people that aren't from our beautiful county but I don't really get it when residents prescribe to believing the myths are true. In addition, I feel like some of these misconceptions aren't always out of ignorance but rather downright negativity paired with a bad attitude.

How do you feel about the misconceptions in your state, town, city or county? Do they drive you bonkers or do you brush them off? For me, I find some of the myths humorous, the others, if I have an issue with the misconception at hand, I just choose to ignore the comments. All of the myths that are on this list are comments/questions that I and others that I have spoken with have heard from people at one time or another. I'm sure that there are many that I didn't even think of that you have experienced in conversation.

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Whether these myths actually truly bite your behind or you take them with a grain of salt, let's go ahead and take a look below and at the very least, be entertained while having a good chuckle. Here we go:

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