Among the many things that Massachusetts is known for, food is probably right near the top of that list. Think about all of the good food that has come out of Massachusetts or has leveled up because of the way the Bay State prepares it. Whether it's Boston Baked Beans, Boston Cream Pie, cranberry sauce, Toll House cookies, Fig Newton cookies, Squeeze soda, or Fluffernutter sandwiches, there is plenty of great food out there thanks to Massachusetts.

With So Many Options, Would Should I Eat When Visiting Massachusetts? 

So if you are planning a trip to Massachusetts or you are a native to our great state there are definitely some foods that you can't miss when you're on your journey. You may be wondering with all of these great options, where do I start? To help streamline your choices we looked to Travel Diaries' YouTube channel and they released a short video recommending the Top 10 Must-Try Foods in Massachusetts.

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Before We Look at the List of Massachusetts Must-Try Foods, Here's Some Information About Travel Diaries

According to the description on its YouTube channel, this is what Travel Diaries is all About

Welcome to Travel Diaries, your ultimate guide to exploring the world's most fascinating destinations! Join us on our adventures as we take you on a journey to discover the beauty, culture, and unique experiences of the places we visit. Our channel features a mix of travel vlogs, destination guides, travel tips, and other types of content that will inspire you to explore new horizons.

Top 10 Must-Try Massachusetts Foods According to Travel Diaries

You can check out more about Travel Diaries and watch their short video on YouTube by going here.

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