You know how it goes. You move or visit a new area and you have to get used to your new surroundings. You check out new areas, learn about the neighborhoods, school systems etc. It may also take some time to get names down correctly. Yeah, when your new in town, it's not rare to mispronounce street names, business names, town's all part of the learning curve.

For me, even moving from one end of Berkshire County to the other, I had to get used to new geographical locations and the names that came along with those locations. I remember when I first started working on-air full-time, I mispronounced the town name Tyringham. It was embarrassing for me but these things happen. It was a good learning lesson which was when in doubt, check with someone first. Don't just assume if you're not sure.

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I thought it would be fun to include a combination of towns, landmarks, figures etc. that I often hear mispronounced and have mispronounced myself related to the Berkshires. I came up with 10 of them. What would you add that isn't already on the list below?

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