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Touch A Truck Draws Curious Kids
North Adams and Clarksburg fire departments had trucks at the event, as did North Adams police and ambulance. The BRTA had two buses at the event; the large bus was a popular stop as the heat was running inside.
Barrett:Name Glen Vistors Center After Cariddi
State Rep. John Barrett III, D-North Adams, has filed a budget amendment to name the visitor center at the Mount Greylock State Reservation in Lanesborough the "Representative Gailanne M. Cariddi
" I Just Killed My Ex."
Clark, 24, had come to pick up their children, Boulais later told police, and he shot her after they got into an argument.
Mark Preps For State Budget Debate
The task force would focus on things such as prevention, education, ending the stigma, and getting into schools with prevention programs -- and not to be confused with the enforcement aspect of what was formerly known as the Berkshire County Drug Task Force.
North Adams' Clerk Set To Retire
City Clerk Marilyn Gomeau, who has served since 2003, plans to retire at the end of the year. Unlike most City Hall positions, which are appointed by the mayor, the clerk is appointed by the City Council.
Williamstown Con Comm Rejects Cell Tower
Faced with fierce opposition from residents who feel the Cold Spring Road site will harm views for area residents and mar the gateway to town, the ZBA suggested a possible solution: putting the tower at the park, where it would, theoretically, be tucked back in the woods and where the revenue for Ve…
MG Grapples With Technology Issue
IBerkshires.com reports that Richard Cohen pushed back hard against a decision not to purchase classroom whiteboards that are compatible with the touch-screen capability in the projectors the district has purchased — challenging both the decision itself and the process by which it was made.
New Voting Machine For N.A
The City Council has appropriated $25,500 to purchase five new voting machines, the first the city has acquired since 2007.
Bumper Year For Ticks
Numbers would have decreased had there been drier conditions. Most of the Northeast saw above average snowfall this winter.
Adams Selectmen Debate Salary Cap
Director of Community Development Donna Cesan, who has stepped into the town administrator post in the interim, said the amount was placed in the budget to provide "flexibility."
Huey Lewis: Hearing Loss
Here's some bad news for Huey Lewis and the News: The group is canceling all its future performances because Huey has suffered serious damage to his hearing.
In a message on the band's official website, Huey, 67, tells fans, "Two and a half months ago...
The Eyebrow Code Solved
As humans evolved from their prehistoric forebears, one noticeable change was that they had prominent, bony browlines, and modern humans don't. Instead, we have flatter foreheads and emotive eyebrows.